"Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends"

The Carriage House Restaurant at The Myrtles Plantation is located in the hills of the Felicianas and on the north end of the Historic town of St. Francisville.  The area was once known as “The Republic of West Florida” and the plantation has a rich history and some questionable lore of events that have happened and still happen today.  Although they rarely frequent the restaurant, “Whiskey Dave", “the Children” and even “Chloe” are all said to still haunt the plantation and its grounds as GHOSTS from the afterlife.

The Carriage House Restaurant is ran by some old familiar faces from around town. The Pace Family (Tip and Beth with Son Kaine) has re-opened the restaurant and you’ll love the new menu as well as its new prices.   We’ve gone back to good old plantation style cooking for adults and kids of all ages. The atmosphere is still quite elegant but everyone is welcome to come as you are, casual to dressy and even jeans or camouflage is acceptable!
The Carriage House will provide you with an ideal plantation setting both indoors and out, and a staff waiting to fulfill your every need.  We will strive to create the perfect ambiance and a gentle country atmosphere as you indulge in our original recipes from our team of chefs, cooks and kitchen specialist.  We cook fantastic steaks and fresh seafood as well as “down home southern favorites” and “plantation recipes” from the olden days and offer numerous daily specials for the seasons!

The kitchen staff likes to “play and experiment” from time to time so we throw in some fancy dishes occasionally and we invite you to join us to experience a feast for your senses and some enlightenment for your soul. Spring, Summer and Fall allow us to bring you Farm to Table vegetables from our gardens on the original plantation grounds. A warm and friendly bar with a tremendous selection of beer and cocktails as well as an extensive and affordable wine list awaits you in an atmosphere you’ll fall in love with. Come dine with us and relax on the plantation…you’ll love it!

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